When The Going Gets Rough In Recovery

I can say with certainty that there will come times when this sh*t is difficult:

Habits will change, relationships will be re-evaluated, and emotions will surface that we weren't sure we had. 

It's all part of the process, and that is a good thing. 

Don't think that recovery is not worth pursuing, because it causes trouble.

It is the opposite, really:

Your problem behaviours impaired your ability to make smart decisions and set appropriate boundaries, and recovery will help you backtrack.

If relationships change in the process, remember that healthy relationships grow stronger from conflict, while unhealthy relationships further deteriorate because of it. 

Setting boundaries around personal needs will, over time, help distinguish one from the other.  
If you want to get better, embrace the lifestyle changes that recovery brings. 

Nothing will change unless you do. <3

Talk soon,