Are You More Fun When You're Drunk?

Have you ever felt that you're more fun when you're drunk?

Or, even worse, been told that you're nicer to be around when under the influence?

Well, here's the thing -

It's not your job to keep people entertained or make your time together more pleasant for them.

Much rather, it's your job to keep yourself safe and well.

And you kind of owe that to yourself, too, given all the time and money you've been investing in your recovery lately.

"But what if I enjoy myself more when I'm tipsy?"

That's a common question in my practice, and I'll say the following:

If you need to be drunk or high to enjoy yourself in any particular setting, you might be in the wrong setting.

Also, usually it doesn't end at tipsy - finding the off-switch is incredibly hard, and chances are that the consequences you'll feel after much outlast the fun you had between your first drink and when the regretful behaviours kick in.

Drinking to survive social events they don't really want to attend is the number one reason for breaking sobriety streaks amongst my clients.

Rather than make yourself fit into a box, why not make the box fit you?

This is why we spend so much time figuring out what it is that you want to do with your life, *|FNAME|*.

If you have a few minutes, make a list of ten things you enjoy doing, or think you might enjoy doing but haven't tried yet.

The goal is to sober-smile! :)