Five Ideas To Help You Be Present In The Here And Now

I first learned about the power of being present in a Yoga class, when the teacher asked us to lie flat on our backs and notice that, at this moment in time, we have everything we need. 

That was incredibly powerful, and I think it's really also when I started understanding that we all are already perfect, just as we are. 

But back to this week's topic - there are typically three situations in which I am fully present: 

With my clients, on the road, and when I do my breathing exercises. 

I have come to ask myself what is different in those situations, and why staying present comes more easily to me at those times. Here are the five factors that I think make all the difference to me: 

1. Choose to focus

Obviously, removing distractions might be quite obvious, but I think it all starts with choosing to focus. And trust me, once it's important enough, you *will* focus! 

2. Sober up, eat enough

Similarly obviously, it's impossible to be fully present when under the influence or underfed. Your cognitive abilities will be lacking when you are drunk, high or hungry. 

3. Find a concentration aid that works

I'm talking breathing exercises, meditations, mantras, music, brain training apps... Whatever floats your boat!  

4. Do one thing at a time

This one is related to point 1, but oh how tempting it is to abandon your focus and do all the things at once, because you can. If you want to be present, make doing one thing at a time a priority. 

5. Listen more closely

Notice you check out of conversations? Think about what to say next a lot? Practicing active listening and compassion can really help with zooming in: What is important to that person? Show them you care by being full there.