How To Redefine Health In Recovery

Today I wanted to ask you the following question: 

What would it take to redefine "health" in a way that is helpful to your recovery?

Rather than focusing on the purely physiological aspects of the word, I suggest the following: 

Try to think of health as a state of overall wellbeing.

Personally, when I am thinking of a state of wellbeing, I am thinking of a state of joy and presence in the moment that allows for meaningful interaction with others; a state that allows for room for thoughts aside from food, alcohol and substances.

What does a state of wholesome wellbeing mean to you?

And, with that definition in mind:

What small action could you take today that will improve your overall wellbeing? 

If you have a few minutes, try to list five or ten doable action steps, and then see if any of those sound appealing right now. 

After tonight, keep the list for the coming weeks and and add to it whenever inspiration strikes.

And before you're getting too hard on yourself, remember:

Whatever works in the short term that isn't causing problems in the long term is a good strategy!