If You Do Just One More Thing To Save Your Sanity This Month, Try This!

Today, I'd like to suggest an experiment: 

Those of you who've been working with me know that I often reiterate how important it is to align your thoughts and feelings with your speech and actions; my prediction is you’ll feel a teeny bit saner every time you manage to do that.

So, here's a question for you: 

Suppose you had just a little more confidence, which conversation would you have and with whom?

If you really want to go for it, you might pick the most important outstanding topic, but it could anything smaller scale, too, that you've been thinking about addressing for a while and that seems more manageable at this time.

For inspiration, you could think of a dialogue you witnessed, whether fictional or IRL, where you thought that the speaker did a particularly great job. What did you notice and like about how they expressed themselves? What went well in their conversation?

So, as a little optional experiment idea for the remainder of the month, I'd like to challenge you to get clear on what you'd like to say to whom and then have that talk

You can totally do this!

You might also ask yourself what people would notice different about you once you’ve had that conversation.

So much to think about, eh?

Let me know how it went, if you want! :)