What To Do When Adult Children "Fail To Launch"

I might not have mentioned it yet, but my other speciality aside from working with women who struggle with disordered eating and binge drinking are young adults who just can't seem to get started in life. 

"Failure to Launch" 

The phenomenon is sometimes called "Failure To Launch".

In spite of supportive parents and economic security, the young adults I am referring to often highly depend on their parents, have no or very dissatisfying careers and are insecure about how to live a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Many are highly intelligent, but socially challenged, school or university dropouts who spend their days surfing the Internet, playing video games, or smoking cannabis.

Whether in a professional or personal context, if you know a family who has a highly dependent adult child, you might have gotten a sense of how taxing the situation can be - and how hard it is to find expert help.  

There is hope, even for parents who tried everything!

With all the best intentions, and with seemingly endless love, good will and energy, parents of young adults who failed to launch often go to extreme lengths to put their children in the best possible position:

They pay their children's rent and other living expenses, use their own professional connections to secure them employment, and turn into part-time career counsellors and human resource managers who are intimately familiar with the educational landscape in their region.

And yet, no solution seems to stick and no real progress is made: 

The child remains unhappy and unable to cover their expenses, and the parents keep worrying, blaming themselves and each other and wondering what else they could possibly do to fix the problem.   

I recorded a free webinar for those parents.

Over the span of fifteen minutes, the webinar will go over: 

  • How to finally stop worrying about a dependent adult child

  • Why the status quo is not the parents' fault

  • What their child really needs from them

  • How parents can approach their child in an effective, helpful manner 

  • The five exact steps a family needs to take to move forward

If you want to access it or forward it to someone, the webinar can be accessed here simply by signing up with an email address.

For a limited time, I am also giving away a free, full-length 50mins consultation pertaining to this matter to anyone who books an appointment through the booking button provided below the webinar. 

In the hopes that you, your patients, clients, or friends will find this free support for parents as helpful as my previous clients have found it, I will leave you with the reassurance that hope is always worth it and that it is never too late. In my experience, there are no “hopeless” cases.

In any case, please feel free to get in touch if there is ever any way that I may be helpful to you, your friends, your patients or your clients.