When To Readjust Your Recovery Strategy

If you've been at this positive change thing for a while, you might have noticed that some changes are easier to make than others, and that knowing what's best for you isn't the same as doing it.

And if you've worked with me before, you might know that my approach is all about trying something different:

Let's say you know that eating three meals and a few snacks in between every day would be best, but somehow all you can manage right now is one meal a day - in part because of your busy work schedule, but also because restricting food gives you something to think about that doesn't have much to with conflicts and stressors in "real life".

Or let's say you know your anxiety would be lower the next morning if you somehow managed not to drink at night, but your evening routine is your way to unwind, and part of you is reluctant to give up the short term benefit of relaxation for the later payoff of improved overall mental health.

I really get it, and I think there's always a good reason for us to do the things we are doing.

And while figuring that reason out can sure be interesting, understanding the big why isn't necessary to try something new.

You could base that something new off of what's already been working for you, for example asking yourself what it would take to eat a little bit more of your favourite snack a little more often, or you could experiment with a completely novel idea and commit to trying a new sober event at least one night a week for the remainder of the year - you could try random meetup events or one of my upcoming workshops, for example.

It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you commit to pushing the limits of your very own comfort zone.

If you're not experiencing positive change, or at the very least satisfaction in maintenance, it may be time to switch up your recovery strategy.

It may be as easy as getting just a little bit more professional support for a short amount of time, or reviving those sober friendships you kind of let slide a while ago.

It takes time and trial and error, but it will be worth it. :)