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Eating, So What? - April 2018 Online Support Group

Receive support on your journey to reconnect with your hunger and fullness cues. Share your thoughts and experiences with your fellow group members, and receive expert advice from Annina (counsellor) and Josée, a registered non-diet dietitian who will join one of the four group meetings to bust nutrition myths and answer your questions around how to best nourish yourself to heal.

Topics covered can include whatever you would find most helpful to talk about - for example strategies to break through the binge and restrict cycle or alternative coping skills.  

Aside from the recovery support provided by Annina and Josée, one of the big benefits of participating in this support group will be to realize that you are not alone in this: The struggle is real, but together we can heal from diet culture and make peace with food!

This group runs online from the comfort of your home on four consecutive Tuesday evenings every month (8pm-9pm EST). Please note that a minimum of four participants is needed to run this group.

Learn more and register via: