When is substance use an issue?

Simply put, problematic substance use creates problematic situations.

Anyone who ever wanted to cut down or stop using their substance, had others complain about their use, felt guilty for using, or used in the morning to get through the day is showing signs of problematic substance use.


What ARE "substances"?

Substances include, but are not limited to, alcohol, marijuana, prescription medication, opioids, cocaine and other stimulants, the Internet, sex, food, and gambling.


Do you work with the 12 Steps-Approach?

No, I do not. Personally, I believe that many ways lead to Rome and that everyone needs to choose the approach they’re most comfortable with.

That said, I do recommend attending such groups to some of my clients for their social aspects. I know they aren’t for everyone, but getting out of the house in a safe environment is key, if only just for a little while. Sober friends – even digital ones – are essential to recovery.


What about eating disorders? 

Eating disorders, particularly managing binge eating episodes and emotional eating, are one of my specialties. 

Check out my info sheet on Emotional Eating.


Can I Be addicted to food?

Food is not a psychoactive substance and therefore cannot be addictive in the classical sense.

That said, if you struggle with problematic eating behaviors around certain foods, we would be investigating the problematic behaviors rather than the particular type of food - just as we would with problematic behaviors around other substances.